Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

What is Hansa Cheetah Panel?

Hansa Cheetah is a proprietary web and mobile-based all India panel of Hansa Research Group. It is an online panel of select participants who have agreed to participate and share opinion in our research surveys.

What is Hansa Cheetah’s business?

Through the Hansa Cheetah panel, we empower our clients to stay connected to their customers and other stakeholders. The panel can be availed for any type of research by utilizing its rich respondent profiling data, as well as verified contact details. We also have panel partners across the globe and conduct studies across various countries.

Which country/ countries does Hansa Cheetah operate in?

Hansa Cheetah operates from India and the Head office is in Mumbai.

Will Hansa Cheetah try to sell me anything?

No. We are into Market Research and conduct surveys for our clients for which we seek your opinion.

How do I become a panel member of Hansa Cheetah?

To become our panel member, please visit and click on “Sign up”. As part of the sign-up process, you will need to register yourself by providing us your Email ID, mobile number and answering basic details about yourself (including your full Name, Age, Gender and City). This will be followed with a few questions on your Working status, Education etc. You are now ready to participate in our surveys.

Is Registration free?

Registration is free. To register and become a member of Hansa Cheetah Panel, please visit our website and follow the instructions in point 3. Once you become a member, you can participate in our surveys.

Is there a minimum period of membership?

There is no minimum period of membership. Hansa Cheetah conducts regular online research surveys. You will be informed via email for the surveys you qualify.

Why should I become a panel member of Hansa Cheetah?

Hansa Cheetah is one of the leading consumer research panels in India. By becoming a member and sharing your opinion, you help brands evaluate their services/products and become a part of their growth. You also get to earn points by participating in these surveys. These points can in turn be redeemed against vouchers.

Why does Hansa Cheetah ask our personal information?

The information you share helps us understand you better.

Hansa Cheetah invites only those panellists who satisfy the specific survey requirements and this way, you have a higher chance of qualifying as a respondent for the survey. We also send profiler surveys to have the latest and updated details about our panellists.

What do you do with my personal information?

Your personal information and data is safe with us and stored in a secure server in an encrypted form. The server room is accessible to only authorised personnel. Any information you share with us via surveys is always shared in an aggregate form and used for survey purposes only.

Will my data be safe and confidential?

Hansa Cheetah does not share its panellist information with clients, vendors or employees. Data for the surveys that you complete is never shared at an individual level but is aggregated and used for insights. Additionally, any personal details you share is safe and secured in an encrypted form in our servers.

What happens after I join the Hansa Cheetah Panel?

Once you successfully join our panel, you will start getting surveys that fit your profile and the specific project requirements. Upon successful completion, you will get points for your opinions that can be redeemed against vouchers.

What is Hansa Reward points system and how can we earn points?

We incentivize our panellists for participating in our surveys.

The Hansa Cheetah team has a well-developed methodology to decide the points based on several factors of the survey, like the product category surveyed, the time taken to complete the survey and many more parameters.

How many points can we earn while filling surveys?

Points allotted vary by survey. The Hansa Cheetah team has a well-developed methodology to decide the points based on several factors of the survey, like the product category surveyed, the time to complete the survey and many more parameters.

Do I get welcome reward points when I register the first time?

All newly registered members are credited with 200 points. Once your registration is complete, you will see a welcome message with 200 points credited to your account.

Can other members of my household also join Hansa Cheetah panel?

Yes, you can invite other members of your household to become a Hansa Cheetah panel member.

How many points will I earn for referring a friend?

You will be eligible for referrals once you complete at least 3 months in the panel and participate in at least 2 surveys. You shall receive 200 points for every referral. These points will get credited into your account once your friend also completes 3 months in the panel and participates in at least 2 surveys.

How will Hansa Cheetah contact me?

Hansa Cheetah will connect with you primarily via Email and at times, via other modes like WhatsApp, SMS and IVR.

Can I participate in the survey from mobile?

Almost all Hansa Cheetah surveys are device agnostic. This means you can take these surveys via your mobile phone on the Hansa Cheetah app or through a browser. You can download and install the Hansa Cheetah app from Google Play Store.

What surveys will I be invited to participate in?

Our surveys cover a wide spectrum of topics. Panellists are primarily selected basis the requirements of the survey and profile.

How often will Hansa Cheetah invite me to participate in online surveys?

Your profile and our survey criteria decide which panellist is invited to surveys.

What would be the length of the survey?

The length of the survey is an estimated time taken by a respondent to self- administer the survey. This length varies from project to project however, on an average, is about 20 mins.

Can I choose not to take a survey?

Yes, you can choose to not participate in a survey.

What happens if I do not qualify for the survey?

Qualifying a survey depends on respondent profile and survey criteria. If you do not qualify for a survey, wait for the next one.

How do I check my points balance?

Please visit your account on and go to the “Dashboard” section. You will see your points on the corner right hand side.

You can also check your redemption history by clicking on “redemption”. The “transaction history” will have all transactions you have done including your points debited or credited.

How do I receive rewards?

The coupon code corresponding to the gifts/ voucher selected will be displayed once you confirm your coupon choice. Alternatively, the coupon code is visible in the “redemption history” section. We will also notify you via email once your request is approved.

Are there any costs associated with redeeming points/ getting rewards?

No, there no costs associated with redeeming points

When can I redeem my points and how?

You need to have a minimum of 1000 points before you can redeem them for vouchers. The redemption point thresholds are 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 5000.

If you have 1500 points, you can redeem up to 1000 points with the balance 500 remaining. Similarly, for other redemption thresholds.

You can accumulate upto 5000 points before redeeming them.

To redeem your points, go to “redemption” section and click on “Gift voucher”. You will be redirected to the gift page which will have several gift options. Choose the gift you like, click on “redeem” and claim your gift. Allow 3- 4 business days to have the coupon credited in your name.

Why do I face technical issues while filling the survey?

Technical issues are rare however, if they happen, it could be for a number of reasons. Such issues could be server related or due to device compatibility issues. There could be factors like multiple apps on your device or multiple tabs on browser, internet connectivity issues, or device hardware configuration or even human error.

If you encounter any technical issues while filling the survey, we suggest you wait for a while, refresh your app/ browser and participate again after a few minutes. If your issue remains unresolved, contact us at

What is a Terminate?

When a respondent does not qualify for a survey, he/she isn’t allowed to continue further. We call this status as a “Terminate” and his/her responses are not used in research findings. For example, a survey, which targets people who have purchased a vehicle in the past 6 months, would not allow those who have purchased it earlier than that.

Why do I get “Survey quota full”?

When you participate in the survey and you get “Quota full” notification page on your screen, it means the survey is no longer available and is closed. This may happen when the survey has received sufficient responses from other panellists who have participated before you.

How do I deactivate my account? And reactivate?

We would love to have your association with us however, should you decide to go, log into the Hansa Cheetah app and click on “unsubscribe” button. Your account will be de-activated from our system.

To activate, download the Hansa Cheetah app from the Google Play Store and register yourself.

Why does it take longer time to get points?

Even if you complete the survey, the project may still be open until the minimum sample numbers are achieved. Upon achieving the required sample size/ numbers, the responses go through Quality Checks (QC) post which, points are approved. This varies from study to study and takes between 3 and 4 business days to complete.

What do I do if I forget my password?

You can click on “forgot password” button while signing up or logging in. Please follow the process as per instruction prompts. Once the password is reset, you can participate in our surveys.

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